In today’s WooCommerce Office Hours I started off with a news section and followed up with regular Q&A.

WooCommerce News

This weeks news

1. WooThemes hired a new developer who will join Mike Jolley as the core developer for the WooCommerce plugin. Barry Kooij (@CageNL on Twitter) announced on his blog.

2. There was a new plugin drop from WooThemes
WC Subscription Downloads gives store owners the ability to add a downloadable product to a Subscription product. The downloadable product remains its own product, but the download permissions are granted to the customer while the subscription is active.

WC Order Bar Codes allows customers to create unique bar codes for orders made with the WooCommerce Bookings plugins. The bar codes can be added to order emails so that they can be printed out and scanned at an event or store. This can be used as a simple e-ticketing system.

3. New plugin update from SkyVerge
Sky Verge updated their Postcode.NL plugin to include lookup for Netherlands addresses.

4. WooConf is coming!


WooThemes tweeted a tease of the upcoming WooCommerce Conference.  The link is to a survey you can fill out to help guide the planning.


The questions posted were related to how to style the category pages of WooCommerce. ShawnRisk asked about styling the grid on the category pages, and asked about doing span8 and span4 columns on the pages.

He also asked if WooCommerce is responsive by default and I discussed the best way to go about adding this to the template.

Episode 10 will be next week!


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