EP8 WooCommerce Office Hours

Today’s WooCommerce Office Hours was a welcome back to the USA.  I had been traveling in Europe for two months and although it was technically possible to do WC OH it was too difficult schedule wise.

Glad to be back at it now though!

In this episode I flew solo and covered a bug in WC 2.1.9, talked over a new feature of WooCommerce Subscriptions and teased a new plugin that I’ll be releasing soon.

WooCommerce 2.1.9 Variations Bug

In #woocommerce IRC Gabor Javorsky had asked about a bug in the latest version of WooCommerce related to setting up variable products. The bug occurs when the store manager is adding variations to a variable product and presses the Link all variations button.

WooCommerce 2.1.9 Variations bug

Not all the variations are linked, and a random number of semi-linked variations are added. A workaround is to manually add and link variations. A fix for the bug is already committed to the master branch and ready to be released in the next version of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Renewal Synchronize

The 1.5 version of WooCommerce subscriptions was released earlier this month. One feature introduced in the new version is the ability to synchronize renewals for subscriptions. In the old version the renewal for a subscription would coincide with the day that the customer signs up for the subscription. So if the customer purchased a subscription on 5 May, and the billing period was monthly the renewal would be charged on 5 June.

With the new version the renewal can be synchronized to a day of the month between 1 and 27, or to the end of the month. Set the Synchronization Renewal to 15th day of the month to charge all renewals on that date. So if a customer purchases a subscription on 5 May, they will not be charged until 15 May.

woocommerce synchronize subscription renewal

You can read more on the WooCommerce docs page.

Modifying a Subscription 

Gabor asked a follow up question about modifying an existing subscription. He asked if a subscription was purchased for 1 year billing monthly every 1 month how he would change that to billing every 2 months.

The Subscription docs covers this scenario. The subscription order can be modified and the order meta data _subscription_interval can be changed from 1 (month) to 2 (months).

Sales Reporting

Doug asked a question regarding the sales reporting:

I have both for sale products and free give-aways that go through our WC store. The free products throw off the reports because there are so many of them that they’re always shown as top sellers. I’m looking for a pointer in the right direction of how I might filter out the free stuff so I can better see what is truly selling best.

I did some cursory checking on the  reporting and didn’t see a way to exclude any products from the sales reports. I suggested this would be a good plugin idea – to have the ability to pull a report on a subset of products where products that are free, on sale, or in a category can be excluded from the reporting.

WooCommerce API or WordPress API

Tom asked if I’ve used the WooCommerce API yet and I have not yet done so.  The API was developed by SkyVerge and introduced in the 2.1 release of WooCommerce. The best documentation is on GitHub and I also pointed out a cool client library built by Gerhard Potgieter.

New MailChimp Plugin Preview

I’ve been doing client work for a few months now and part of that is to build plugins for clients and then have them released as commercial plugins.  In the video I showed a new MailChimp plugin that takes advantage of more of the Ecommerce 360 features available, uses the new 2.0 API, and does list segmentation based on products purchased.

The use case was from a client who sells physical products, community membership and training videos. He wants customers subscribed to lists based on what products they purchased. I’m excited about releasing this soon!