EP6 WooCommerce Office Hours – March 14, 2014

Today’s WooCommerce Office Hours was focused on the default shipping methods that are available with WooCommerce and answered some questions from the chat room.

Vin Thomas from Fixel joined the room to hang out and listen in.  Thankfully he and SEO Guy Cape Town let me know when I accidentally muted myself during a screen share.  Thanks guys!

Doug Smith from Simply Charlotte Mason stopped by in the chat to ask some questions related to shipping and the way that some themes have a “progress bar” representing 5-Star reviews instead of stars.

During the show I covered how to configure Shipping Classes for products and how to setup the shipping methods for WooCommerce. The base shipping methods include:

  • Flat Rate
  • Free Shipping
  • International Delivery
  • Local Delivery
  • Local Pickup

Flat Rate shipping allows the store owner the ability to setup a base Cost per order that is added to the shipping rate before calculation.  Then costs can be added and calculated either Per Order, Per Item, or Per Class.  I show how to add a “Hardware” shipping class to some nails and then add a Per Item charge.

Free Shipping gives the admin the ability to offer customers free shipping based on a combination of minimum order amount or a coupon allowing free shipping.  Having a minimum order amount like $75 that unlocks free shipping is a great incentive for customers.

International Delivery is a separate shipping calculated cost for countries that are different than the base country set for the store.

Local Delivery is a way to charge a set Delivery Fee for billing addresses in specific Zip/Post codes. We also verified that WooCommerce is able to match Zip+4 post codes and longer/shorter post codes from other countries. Example: V6E 1N2, 90210, 78705-1234, 8001

Local Pickup is a way to allow no-cost shipping for specific Zip/Post codes when the customer will pickup the purchased item.