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EP10 WooCommerce Office Hours

In this episode of WooCommerce Office Hours I was joined by Beka Rice from Sell With WP and SkyVerge.

WooCommerce Questions

1.  Question from Michele Wong:  Is there a way to have a description per variation?

Answer: With stock WooCommerce there is not a way to have a short description per variation, but this could be done with custom code.

2. Question: What’s the best place to find WooCommerce tutorials?

Answer: There’s not a definitive place to find WooCommerce tutorials.  The WooThemes Docs Site is a good place to start. Sell With WP has been publishing tutorials and the personal blogs of Remi Corson and Patrick Rauland have great content as well.

3. Question: What is the best place to find WooCommerce themes?

Answer: Other than WooThemes.com we didn’t have a good recommendation for WooCommerce themes. Beka shared some tips for when shopping for themes and also mentioned Codestag as a good theme developer.

WooCommerce News

The beta of the next version of WooCommerce has been announced. Version 2.2 which is called Prowling Pangolin is targeted for late August. Some of the great features that will be included in this release are in-dash refunds, an update to the REST API, and a move of order statuses out from being a taxonomy.

A WooCommerce Conference has been announced for the 3rd and 4th of November in San Francisco, CA. WooThemes is also running a contest to win a ticket along with airfare and lodging.

In other news a WooCommerce iOS App has launched. SkyVerge helped with the development of the app and Beka discussed the process. I was able to beta test the app and it looks very slick!