A Texan Web Developer

Doing What You Love Doesn’t Feel Like Work

These past few weeks my wife and I have been working on a new project that we launched today – Life With A Mission.

We got the vision for the site last month, but the concept had been materializing for some time.  We spent a lot of time working through the content and technical aspects – most of which was after the kids were asleep.

Last Saturday night instead of having a date night we sat at the same desk, each of us on our own computers working on getting enough content together to launch.  My wife said “Wow, it’s midnight, we’ve been working for over three hours.”  Her observation was funny to me because 1.  We were having a lot of fun and 2. It felt like half an hour had passed, not three.

These two things are important to remember when choosing what you spend your time on and how you make your living.  Doing what you love just doesn’t feel like work.  When you are doing something for the paycheck or because someone else assigned you a task, you aren’t working with the same momentum as if you are driven by an inner love for what you are doing.