Discipline and Sacrifice

One of the reasons I like returning from a trip aside from sleeping in my own bed is that life seems to get a reset. We’re back in our normal apartment, normal surrounding and normal routine, but things seem new and different.  It’s easier to rethink your schedule after you’ve had separation from the normal.

When we returned from our trip in the Spring we felt the draw to learn language so we started taking daily Spanish lessons. After this trip two words have been impacting our decisions: discipline and sacrifice.

Normal routine breeds bad habits

We enjoy a very easy life. I work from home, the kids homeschool and Amanda is a stay at home mom. We enjoy the freedom to choose what we do each day. Sometimes we pack our day with activity and some days we choose to do nothing at all. Unfortunately this freedom has brought with it some bad habits.

Without someone telling me to get out of the house or to get my work done very often neither get done. The byproduct of freedom has been that I don’t get enough exercise and sometimes I don’t get enough work done. Both byproducts feel good in the moment, but over time will bring destructive results.

Choosing discipline and sacrifice

After returning from New York City we made two choices that are bred from discipline and sacrifice.

Joining a coworking space. I love my kids and am grateful that I get to see them all the time since I work from home. I enjoy doing things mid-day with them and being able to help around the house. But recently the normal routine of being around the house all day has caused me to not get enough work done. Amanda and I discussed the options available for office space outside the apartment and decided I needed to find something.

We own one car and don’t want to own a second. I didn’t want to leave Amanda without a car during the day so the office space I chose needed to be walking distance or on a bus line. The winning choice was for me to rejoin Geekdom and work there. This choice involves discipline because I am adding a bus commute to and from work. The sacrifice of the decision is that I don’t get to see Amanda and the kids all day, every day.

Joining a gym.  The other change is one Amanda and I made together. We joined a local gym to have a place to exercise. The key benefit of this gym is they have 2 hours per day of childcare included which means Amanda and I don’t have to take turns exercising which didn’t happen very often. The whole family can go and everyone benefits in the shortest time possible.

The discipline of this choice is actually working out, but we’re amply motivated. The sacrifice is a small one of our time and money. But, this is a long-term health choice that will pay off in many ways.

Hebrews 12:11 says:

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

I’m looking forward to that righteousness and peace!