Current Podcasts In My Queue

Like many people I love listening to podcasts while I do yard work, exercise, or do tasks that don’t require a high amount of mental focus. Here’s a list of the current podcasts I listen to and getting a high amount of value from.

1. Tropical MBA Dan and Ian are the hosts of the Tropical MBA podcast which is a weekly (every Thursday) podcast that focuses on location independent entrepreneurism. They recently combined two podcast brands under one name. They provide great advice for people starting and running lifestyle businesses from anywhere in the world. They have great personalities that work well together in their audio format. I aspire to work and run businesses from the road as an expat so I enjoy the first hand knowledge they share about this.

2. Startups for the Rest of US Rob Walling and Mike Taber host Startups for the Rest of Us (which makes me think of “A Festivus for the rest of us” each time I hear it :)) which is a weekly (every Tuesday) podcast focusing on teaching software designers and developers how to launch software products. Both hosts have launched software products so their advice and opinion is grounded in actual experiences. They discuss topics like SaaS Pricing, Email marketing, curn rate and hiring VA’s which may sound boring, but for it’s target audience (me!) it is highly valuable content.

3. Smart Passive Income The Smart Passive Income Podcast is hosted by Pat Flynn. I listen to this one less frequently just because I like to focus all of my attention on it and I don’t have a lot of unattached time. Each episode is full of so much quality content you will want to have a notepad at the ready.

4. Foolish Adventure Foolish Adventure is hosted by Tim Conley and shares information for entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and gain financial freedom. Tim has a spectacular back catalog of guests who have a wide range of experience in the online realm. Tim’s got a great vocal presence and the podcast is fun and enjoyable to listen to.

5. Bootstrapped Web Brian Casel hosts Boostrapped Web is a show for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who want to learn by doing. I’ve known Brian for a few years and have enjoyed watching his evolution from freelancer to SaaS owner to podcaster. Brian is 10 episodes in but has some high quality content already. I really enjoyed the episode talking with Brennan Dunn where they talk email lists and tactics for building a list.

6. Foundation I was a Diggnation fan from Episode 1 (actually there were some episodes before E1) and even met Kevin Rose while in the studio audience of the show The Screen Savers so I’ve watched his content going way back.  Foundation is a semi-frequent video where Kevin interviews startup founders, entrepreneuers and other people doing interesting stuff in technology. I don’t learn technical things like marketing techniques from the interviews, but they are great if you enjoy hearing someone tell their story and talk about the hurdles they overcame to reach success.

7. This is Your Life This is Your Life is a podcast by Michael Hyatt that focuses on intentional leadership. Michael is another solo host and does a fantastic job of keeping the listener engaged no matter the topic. His vocal presentation and composure is world class. I first found Michael from reading his book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” and have taken many of his teachings to heart. I also recommend that book to anyone looking to make a name for themselves online.

8. Product People Product People is hosted by Justin Jackson and the format is explained well by the podcast title. Justin is a builder and interviews other builders about how they built their products. The focus is software and web based products, but they also cover other products like e-books. That’s what I’m currently listening to.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Photo Credit: eldeeem via Compfight cc