Ship or STFU

When I was writing my end of year post for 2014 I realized I have two major regrets. They are both listed in the “What didn’t go well this year” section – 1. I didn’t open a new business and 2. I didn’t ship new plugins. This month a few things happened that cured me of my hesitation and feeling of not being ready.

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Stop Lying About Your Time

Stop Lying About  Your Time

My wife runs a book club. For the past five years on the first Friday of the month she and her friends meet at a local restaurant during dinner time to discuss a book. She always comes home from book club energized by the kid-free time discussing interesting books.

Whenever my wife meets a lady for the first time she’ll ask the question “Do you read fiction?” I’ve seen her do it many times. The question evokes one of two responses. The first response is an emphatic “Yes!” followed by the person listing out the current and recent books she’s read. The second response is a sheepish “No” followed by an excuse.

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