Using Splice for Super Simple Vlog Editing

I have had a bit of a problem lately.

It’s not a huge Earth shattering existential crisis of faith or anything like that. Just a small recurring nuisance of a problem that makes you purse your lips when you think of it, then it fades away after a few seconds to hide in the recesses of your brain until the next opportunity to bug you.

My problem is with my vlog workflow and the process of getting a video out into the world. I talked about why I started vlogging here.

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My Digital Archival Strategy

I’ve always had a slight obsession with organizing the paper and digital “stuff” of our family life. Only recently have I found a workflow of organizing all this stuff that I’m comfortable with and is easy to do. We’re now a ‘paperless’ house and here’s the system I use to keep that up.

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Experimenting With Theme Days

I enjoy experimenting with my workflow. One day last week I woke up at 4am and worked till 10am to get a “full day of work” done before my family¬†had lunch with my dad. It was a productive day and getting things done early helped me not be anxious during our lunch. It’s not something that I’ll keep up for the long haul since I was very tired come mid-afternoon.

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