Using Splice for Super Simple Vlog Editing

I have had a bit of a problem lately.

It’s not a huge Earth shattering existential crisis of faith or anything like that. Just a small recurring nuisance of a problem that makes you purse your lips when you think of it, then it fades away after a few seconds to hide in the recesses of your brain until the next opportunity to bug you.

My problem is with my vlog workflow and the process of getting a video out into the world. I talked about why I started vlogging here.

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The January Commit

During December 2014 a few friends competed in a blogging competition based on the Blogging for Benjamin competition I ran in December 2013. Fresh off of that competition Bryce Adams suggested that we do something similar in January 2015, but related to code.

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Holiday Family Tech Support

The holidays are a time for getting together with friends and family. And for computer folks these get togethers usually include requests from family members to fix their tech. My whole family is and Apple family and they are very self sufficient so I don’t get very many tech support questions anymore.

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How Would a Web Developer Vlog?

Yesterday my friend Coen Jacobs asked a question on Twitter about web developers and vlogging:

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Birth of a Mobile Web Developer

Birth of a Mobile Developer

Two weeks ago I hit a cool milestone in my journey as a location independent developer: I actually started working from a different location!

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Current Podcasts In My Queue

Like many people I love listening to podcasts while I do yard work, exercise, or do tasks that don’t require a high amount of mental focus. Here’s a list of the current podcasts I listen to and getting a high amount of value from.

1. Tropical MBA Dan and Ian are the hosts of the Tropical MBA podcast which is a weekly (every Thursday) podcast that focuses on location independent entrepreneurism. They recently combined two podcast brands under one name. They provide great advice for people starting and running lifestyle businesses from anywhere in the world. They have great personalities that work well together in their audio format. I aspire to work and run businesses from the road as an expat so I enjoy the first hand knowledge they share about this.

2. Startups for the Rest of US Rob Walling and Mike Taber host Startups for the Rest of Us (which makes me think of “A Festivus for the rest of us” each time I hear it :)) which is a weekly (every Tuesday) podcast focusing on teaching software designers and developers how to launch software products. Both hosts have launched software products so their advice and opinion is grounded in actual experiences. They discuss topics like SaaS Pricing, Email marketing, curn rate and hiring VA’s which may sound boring, but for it’s target audience (me!) it is highly valuable content.

3. Smart Passive Income The Smart Passive Income Podcast is hosted by Pat Flynn. I listen to this one less frequently just because I like to focus all of my attention on it and I don’t have a lot of unattached time. Each episode is full of so much quality content you will want to have a notepad at the ready.

4. Foolish Adventure Foolish Adventure is hosted by Tim Conley and shares information for entrepreneurs that want to grow their business and gain financial freedom. Tim has a spectacular back catalog of guests who have a wide range of experience in the online realm. Tim’s got a great vocal presence and the podcast is fun and enjoyable to listen to.

5. Bootstrapped Web Brian Casel hosts Boostrapped Web is a show for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who want to learn by doing. I’ve known Brian for a few years and have enjoyed watching his evolution from freelancer to SaaS owner to podcaster. Brian is 10 episodes in but has some high quality content already. I really enjoyed the episode talking with Brennan Dunn where they talk email lists and tactics for building a list.

6. Foundation I was a Diggnation fan from Episode 1 (actually there were some episodes before E1) and even met Kevin Rose while in the studio audience of the show The Screen Savers so I’ve watched his content going way back.  Foundation is a semi-frequent video where Kevin interviews startup founders, entrepreneuers and other people doing interesting stuff in technology. I don’t learn technical things like marketing techniques from the interviews, but they are great if you enjoy hearing someone tell their story and talk about the hurdles they overcame to reach success.

7. This is Your Life This is Your Life is a podcast by Michael Hyatt that focuses on intentional leadership. Michael is another solo host and does a fantastic job of keeping the listener engaged no matter the topic. His vocal presentation and composure is world class. I first found Michael from reading his book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” and have taken many of his teachings to heart. I also recommend that book to anyone looking to make a name for themselves online.

8. Product People Product People is hosted by Justin Jackson and the format is explained well by the podcast title. Justin is a builder and interviews other builders about how they built their products. The focus is software and web based products, but they also cover other products like e-books. That’s what I’m currently listening to.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

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Elon Musk and the Future of Design


I love this video. For a long time I’ve thought that there needs to be a change in how we interact with computers. Whether that be more voice integration like StarTrek or a Minority Report / Iron Man type of 3D space interaction something needs to change.

When I was a senior working on my CS degree I did an independent study for a semester where I helped a professor with modeling data of turtle brain scans.  We had some very clunky 3D glasses that would cause vertigo if you wren’t careful and we used a Java library to do the virtualization.

It wasn’t the most effective process, but it was a very fun project to work on!  Hopefully more of these types of interfaces become more mainstream.

Domain Moving Day

We are currently in the process of selling our house.  This is the first house we’ve sold so the process is new to us. If you’ve never sold a house while you lived in it this translates into repairs, lawn maintenance, cleaning, and cleaning again. Yesterday we had two showings: one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon.  It’s a challenge to keep a house show ready with three small kids so we ended up staying out the entire day.  As we were driving around my 6yo daughter was asking questions about moving. She’s very excited about moving, but wasn’t sure how all of our “house stuff” was going to fit in our car.  I explained to her that we wouldn’t be using our small car to move, but will rent a moving truck. The next time we passed a moving truck I pointed it out so she could see what it looked like.

The exchange reminded me the special privilege we have as parents to be the ones that introduce new concepts to our kids. My daughter didn’t have a concept of a “moving truck” nor of how it affected her.  Now she can explain what it is and when it’s time to move to our new place she’ll know how it works.  I can’t wait for more teaching/learning moments.

Domain Moving Day

Today is a moving day of sorts around here.  I’ve moved my blog from the ‘my name’ domain I have been using to a new shorter domain. I love short domain names, so taking a lesson from a friend’s recent rebranding I looked for the shortest name domain I could find.  I bought it and here we are!  My wife is also launching a new personal blog at the same time so this holiday weekend has been full of plenty of server maintenance.  The slow holiday weekend seemed like a good time to do all the DNS tasks.

Blog Posting Month

A few years ago when my wife was running a parenting blog she would participate in an event called NaBloPoMo where groups of bloggers would write daily for an entire month. Usually they would write about a specific topic.  This moth my wife and I are going to have our own blog post month where we write daily on one of our blogs. Writing daily is the best way to strengthen the writing muscle and be able to quickly share ideas. Here we go!

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Starts and Finishes

Yesterday a few guys that I know and admire reported news of their businesses.  One was a start and one was a finish, but they both resonated with me.


Adii Pienaar launched his new business PublicBeta. It looks like a fantastic recource for entrepreneuers so I immediately signed up. I’m currently in the waiting queue, but can’t wait until it is live so I can dig into the content. The library of courses looks fantastic. I really like that Adii chose the bootstrapper model and self-funded. I’m very excited for this start.


The 8bit guys announced that they are closing down shop. I enjoyed hanging out with these guys in their beautiful office while attending WordCamp Atlanta earlier this year. The vibe around their place was so positive and you could tell they genuinely enjoyed being around each other and working together. I know each of them is going to continue to do great things and I look forward to what is in store for them. I’m very excited about this finish because I anticipate what will come next.

Passions and Seasons

As the guys processed on their blogs about the emotions of these starts and finishes they mentioned following your passion and that there is a season for everything. I agree totally with both of these. Some people are afraid of change and will stay in the predictability of the status quo, but without change you are going to miss opportunities. Adii mentioned leaving his “cushy CEO job” because he is a starter and enjoys creating new things. Some may thing that’s crazy, while others nod their head in agreement. It’s true that for some nothing can beat the thirll of building something new.

There’s a season for building, and a season for tearing down and starting something new. Overcoming the fear of starting and finishing is something that is needed in order to be able to do great things.

I love change and often think about ‘What’s next’ and ‘What do I want to be when I grow up?‘ so it’s exciting to see people acting out change in their lives. I’m very excited for all of these guys and for what’s next.