Box of Swag

It took just a few stamps to ship the box of swag from South Africa to #WCGR

Polish Festival

Walking back to the hotel from speaker dinner we came across a Polish Festival.

WC GR Lunch

Lunch with @rzen @spencerfinnell @adampickering_ @jeffr0 @topher1kenobe @pippinsplugins

The Admiral

Yes, I’m the dork that asked for a pic with David Robinson in the Minneapolis airport.

The Professional

Sometimes you gotta hire a professional. We couldn’t get these things clean.

Curb Appeal

I did a little landscaping on my birthday. #curbappeal #forsale

oh hai

Took the kids to a living history farm today. This is Rudy. A 3 week old calf.

Expired Passport

Just got my passport renewed for WC EU! Also, my first @pressgram!