Blogging for Benjamin Winners!

Blogging for Benjamin

Yesterday marked the end of December, the end of 2013, and the end of a blogging competition I ran for WooThemes employees called Blogging for Benjamin. The competition goal was to “enliven the spirit of blogging in our company with a friendly competition and monetary motivation.” WordPress is the best publishing platform around and we all should take advantage of that to share our thoughts and expertise with the community.

I invited everyone in the company to participate. The rules were of the competition were:

  • Everyone can blog daily on their home blog a maximum of once per day (31 blog posts)
  • Posts can be scheduled for the future, but not back-dated
  • The post can be about any topic
  • The post needs to be a minimum of 300 words

I asked the participants to Tweet their posts with the hashtag #wtbfb. Here are some stats from the competition:

  • 31 days
  • 8 competitors
  • 121 blog posts
  • 2 original plugins written
  • 4 posts written about the writer’s “Setup”
  • 13 videos made
  • 1 awesome WordPress community

Final Standings!

I had a tie breaker in place just in case there were multiple competitors with 31 blogs, but after the effort the guys put in I decided not to use it.

First Place, 31 posts, $100

Coen Jacobs (
Coen wrote about several topics including WooCommerce, WordPress, Plugins, and his personal goals. I really enjoyed his thoughts on the future of WooCommerce development and sharing on the thought that goes into managing such a large project.

Mike Jolley (
Mike wrote about WooCommerce, coding plugins, the WordPress plugin ecosystem, and some personal projects. I enjoyed reading Mikes technical posts where he dove deep into the code of WooCommerce and especially liked his one-day-plugin challenge.

Patrick Rauland (
Patrick wrote about building plugins, Ninja Forms, created tutorials, goals, and community. When I read Patrick’s posts I hear his voice in my head. That’s a great thing because he writes with a clear voice that connects to the reader.

Second Place, 12 posts, $50


Third Place, 6 posts, $25

Rémi Corson (
Rémi is no stranger to creating detailed and useful tutorials. He wrote several tutorial posts focused on WooCommerce and WordPress. He also makes really, really good videos with his ever present GoPro!

Thank You!

Thanks to all of the Ninjas who participated and created great content for the WordPress community. I’m excited for 2014 and hope we all continue to press Publish!