A Texan Web Developer

About Daniel


Hi, I’m Daniel. I’m a web developer and business owner currently living in San Antonio, Texas. I’m also a Christian, husband, father of three, movie watcher, and guitar player.

I’ve been programming since our family got a Commodore 64 in the ’80s.  This interest drew me to computer science classes in high school, then Computer Science as a major in college.  During college and after I worked in corporate IT jobs in the insurance and banking industries.  I enjoyed the people I worked with and to an extent the work I did, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak that needed an outlet.

In 2007 I founded Grow Development and quit my full time job the next year to be a freelance web developer. I love the freedom and challenge that being a business owner brings. I enjoy connecting with other business owners and freelancers that build stuff on the internet and sharing experiences.

Since 2008 I’ve focused on ecommerce development building out sites and making plugins for WordPress.

In 2011 I built the first commercial plugin for what was to later become WooCommerce, I’ve since built over 20 commercial plugins that continue to sell and run on hundreds of sites.

In 2013 I worked for WooThemes as a WooCommerce support ninja and developer.

In 2014 I went back to being independent and working with Grow Development.

In 2015 I launched an ecommerce plugin marketplace named Shop Plugins.

For 2016 and 2017 I’ve been building Shop Plugins and Grow Development into more sustainable and profitable businesses.

In 2018 Grow Development grew to a team of 5 including me and some dedicated contractors. We focus on supporting large subscription sites built in WooCommerce + WooCommerce Subscriptions.

In August 2018 my friend Chris Fidao and I started a podcast named Has Opinions where we share our opinions about being remote developers, being tech dads, and anything else that comes to our minds.

In November of 2018 I started #BUILDSZN – a focused season of learning and building in public. The goal of this effort is to gain some new skills and launch a SAAS to diversify my businesses.