A Good Week

Normally we focus too much on bad events or things lacking in our lives. Too much of social media lately has been taken over by negativity. Instead of giving in to negativity I want to remember to be thankful and show gratitude for things in my life that are good.

It’s Friday and looking back on the past seven days I can see it was a really good week and I have a lot to be thankful for!

First Visit to ComiCon

My friend Hart had an extra ticket to Alamo ComiCon and shared it with me. It was cool to see the vendor area, the tabletop games, and to chuckle at the “stars” that showed up to sign autographs.

I scored some fun gifts for the kids. I’m thankful for generous friends!

A New Baby

This week my cousin Albert and his wife Lauren welcomed a baby boy to the world. Mom and baby are healthy and I’m thankful for new life!

The Start of Summer

Monday was a holiday, but I usually work holidays since it’s usually quiet.  The kids did homeschool since it was like a normal day. For dinner we had a cookout at my parents house and I made some roasted corn. The simple meal of grilled chicken, grilled jalapeños, rice and corn was an impromptu feast.

There is something about roasted corn that flips my “it’s summertime” switch. I’m thankful for time spent with family and good food!

A Good Week of Work

My workweek was drama/stress free and I had good time boundaries.

Working for yourself doesn’t automaticaly mean your life will be work-stress free. It’s taken time for me to get better at making decisions that lessen the probability of stress. Working with good clients, managing money well, hiring contractors, fighting procrastination, and

I also finished my day by 5pm every day this week which is felt great. I’m thankful for work I love!

The Kids Are Growing Up

The featured image for this post was taken by my wife while she had the morning off from homeschooling the kids. We’re coming to the end of their school year and they have grown and learned so much.

Normally my wife taking time off means that I will be watching the kids and not getting much work done.

But, now that our youngest is 6 years old the kids are able to do some schoolwork on their own, entertain themselves, and generally stay out of my hair. Gone are the days of zero productivity when momma is out of the house!

I’m thankful for my amazing wife and growing kids.

I hope you take some time today to focus on the positive things in your life!