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Roving Coder 004: Happy Birthday America!

Roving Coder Episode 004 

We celebrated July 4th by going to the pool, getting pizza, then going to Pickrell Park in Schertz, Texas. Amanda grew up watching fireworks on the 4th and since our kids are older we want to continue the tradition.

We chose Schertz over a few other locations in town because it’s a short drive and we didn’t think it would be as crowded as the other locations.

The festival was fun! There was a live stage with snacks, several booths of crafts. Annabelle got her face painted and the boys got hats with their names and favorite characters.

The carnival was a bit of a bust. All of the rides were $4 a pop, they seemed in disrepair, and the lines were very long. We didn’t stay very long in the carnival.

The fireworks were the best part of the night. The show started at 9:15 and went on for almost an hour!

The day was a blast and we enjoyed celebrating the holiday.